Inspired and Custom self-contained electro-acoustic ukulele's. 
Please Note: The instruments in these videos are NOT plugged into amplifiers or external fx pedals or anything. What you hear is the sound emanating from the instrument in the room. Now, sit back and have a listen .  .  .  
Ukelation is a unique electro-acoustic ukulele. It's an electric solid body but with built in sound system, effects and power. That makes it acoustic. You can play it anywhere. The Ukelation ukulele makes its own sound of the strings with reverb and more effects if you wish. No need to plug it in anywhere to jam with the best. It has the sustain of an electric, the fretboard and sound of a low G tuned tenor but with the body size of a soprano electric. Easy to travel with this uke. It slips under your seat on the plane. 
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Listen to the flanging effect. 
Listen to some jamming with repeat echo. 
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The FeatherStrum pick
from ukelation

The very soft pick for playing the ukelation quiet.
The very soft pick for playing the ukelation loud!
What does it sound like plugged in on stage?
Here is an example. 
Here is Andre Feriante. A stringed instrument virtuoso. This talented musician has Italian heritage and makes his home on the Pacific coast. He plays flamenco guitar, ukulele, harp guitar, banjo and a wonderful growing collection of stringed instruments. He has released an album with nothing but ukulele called Novella. Here he is test driving the Ukelation. 
So what is this thing called Ukelation?
Take a Listen to a Ukelation ukulele - Click on a video below
~       PLAYING IS BELIEVING       ~
A concert hall wherever you are!
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