Recently Kuhio Travis played his own bookmatched koa Ukelation at a concert in Turtle Bay resort in Hawaii next to the ocean. The Ukelation sound does Kuhio, the resort and the ocean resort good things!
He is using the Line Out in this concert due to the large crowd. 
Kuhio - I hear music unplugged
Kuhio - Into the Mystic - Turtle Bay
Kuhio - Country Roads - recording
Jake S, Kuhio - Never Give you up - unplugged
Kuhio - Turtle Bay - Englishman in NY
Kuhio - Hoooome on the range
Kuhio - Into the Mystic #2

Kuhio - In Your Eyes - Back stage
Kuhio - White Sandy Beach unplugged
Ukelation Kickstarter Video
Kuhio - Hoooome on the Range #2
John Rivera - at Jake Sh.  unplugged
Michael N. - tremelo - Sunny Afternoon
Michael N. - flanging - The Crystal Ship  - stage
Michael N. no effects  Daydream unplugged
Michael N. tremolo Hendrix
Kuhio - Wish you were here with me
Michael N. echo unplugged

Michael N. flanging unplugged
Lumahai Beach jam unplugged
Hotel Lobby unplugged
Michael N. chorus - unplugged
Michael N. Tiny Tim Tulips unplugged
Michael N. - stage Crimson & Clover
Michael N. chorus stage - Julia
Kuhio stage Hawaiian Superman
Andre Feriante - opinion of Ukelation
Andre improv unplugged
Kuhio first jam unplugged